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Apologies for not updating the website lately but will hopefully be adding a few items soon.

A Christmas Message From
The National Guild of Removers and Storers*
santa salt

Well it's that time of year again when ex members of the litigious NGRS wait to see if Santa brings them their seasonal pre-action letters threatening court action if they don't agree to give gifts of money to the profit motivated owners of the notorious Trade Organisation.

*For the avoidance of doubt it should be noted that this isn't really a Christmas message from the NGRS and the above picture has been photoshopped ie it is not a real picture of NGRS founder, Geoff Salt, wearing a Santa hat. It should also be noted that to my knowledge Mr Salt has never wished anybody (let alone ex members of the NGRS) a 'Merry Christmas' and I therefore apologise to him if this sentiment causes him any embarrassment. However, in a moment of rage outside a court house he did act extremely agressively and told an ex NGRS member that he would have his F*****g house as well as calling him a piece of S**t!

The owner of this website would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. And to the many members who contacted me this year asking for advice on how to leave the Guild without getting sued in the process, I hope your wishes for an NGRS FREE New Year come true.

Note to NGRS: Please email all spurious threats of legal action to the usual address.

Other Recent news items:

Jan 2017
NGRS Make Untrue and Misleading Claims (again) - Advertising Standards Authority Have to Intervene (again)!!!

Another good kickng for the notorious Guild.. Click here for details

May 2016
NGRS Make Untrue and Misleading Claims (again) - Advertising Standards Authority Have to Intervene (again)!!!

The NGRS are no strangers when it comes to making bold and untrue claims in order to mislead the public...and now the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have had to intervene once again...Click here for the full story

April 2016
Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS)

Are customers of the removal industry really protected by the RIOS or does the name simply mislead and confuse them instead? And if the Ombudsman is truly independent why does the co-founder of the only organisation it oversees sit on the Board and why was solicitor Andrew Coyle ever a past secretary?
Click Here for details of the strangest 'Ombudsman' scheme you're ever likely to come across.

March 2016
An Open Letter to the NGRS

I contacted the litigious Guild and informed them that unless they would give me a timescale for serving the Particulars of Claim for their spurious action against me then I would publish an open letter (copy supplied to them). Their response was laughable! They stated they were not obligated to even serve a claim and that if they decided to it didn't have to be served until a year after the date of the last publication .... Click Here to read my OPEN LETTER to the NGRS.

February 2016
Yet more action by the Guild!!!

On 23rd December 2015 I, along with ex-members of the National Guild of Removers and Storers, received a Pre-action letter for Defamation. Mine related to the alleged publication of Brian Clarke's letter and this website (which has been online for several years). The NGRS Pre-action letter was 7 pages long (11 with attachments), full of rhetoric & factual inaccuracies (I wouldn't expect anything else), demanded money (naturally) and was demonstrably timed to ruin my Christmas...Click here to read the first installment on the latest (correct at time of publication) NGRS litigation.

November 2015
'I just want to end my life...all I did was accept a no obligation free trial from the NGRS'....Click here to read the Daily Mirror's article about Mr Brian Clarke's letter

September 2015 - I'm currently out of the country but I'm sure I just heard NGRS co-founder Mr Geoff 'I'm so angry I'll have your house' Salt blowing yet another gasket! Surely it can't all have gone so badly wrong yet again? Click here to find out!

July 2015 -
Somebody should tell the NGRS that taking someone to court to prove you don't take people to court just doesn't make sense! Click here to find out why threatening a national newspaper can often leave you looking stupid and desperate!

June 2015 -
Oh dear....What have they been up to now?!!! It would appear the NGRS have found yet another way to air their dirty laundry in public. Click here for full details of the Guild's misguided press complaint!

June 2015 - Just when the Guild thought things couldn't get any worse...they did! Click here for details of yet another self inflicted NGRS legal humiliation!

Is this the angriest man in Britain?
geoff salt ngrs
NGRS founder Geoff Salt blows a gasket and reaches 9.8 on the Angryometer after being confronted outside court. Click here to read the full article and see the amazing video on the Daily Mirror website.

Famous Removal industry quotes:

"we (the NGRS) are an honourable and extremely fair organisation that only litigates as a last resort" - Jon Martin, Members secretary of the litigious NGRS.

This action is "wholly unmeritorious" - Judge's comments regarding NGRS legal action.

"Manifestly defective" - Master Yoxall's description of a Court application made by the Guild.

"F#ck off. You know what? I'm going to own your house...because you're a piece of sh#t"- Geoff Salt, NGRS founder (I wouldn't want to live next door to him!)

About This website

This website is here to provide moral support for the hard working honest members of the removal industry, many of whom are facing legal action from the NGRS.

For the avoidance of doubt I am not offering legal advice. I do not have any legal qualifications nor do I have any legal training.

For some time now many ex Guild members have been receiving letters threatening legal action for offences such as Copyright Infringement, Trademark Violation and Defamation. Demands for recompense often run into tens of thousands of pounds. Whilst such actions would be extremely worrying at the best of times, in the current economic climate it is quite literally wrecking lives and forcing businesses to close down.

Many of those removers were unaware that others were in the same situation until recent events culminated in the Deputy Business Editor of The Times newspaper writing a full page article on the matter. The purpose of this website is to ensure that anybody in danger of having legal action brought against them by the NGRS has access to that article and to encourage them to seek formal legal advice AND contact those other removers in a similar situation

Mr Jon Martin, membership secretary of the NGRS, was invited to respond/comment on this website prior to publication. In his reply he stated that 'almost everything on this website is inaccurate and factually incorrect (including the statements in The Times Article)'. He further stated that some ex members of the guild were involved in a 'malicious campaign to cause the Guild financial and reputational damage'. He then accused me of assisting those ex members and implied that action would be taken against me if I were to publish this website.

To make contact with other removers simply go my links page or contact me and I will put you in touch with an ex-Guild member .

This website is not connected to any group or individual. It has been made and published using material found on the internet and/or sent anonymously to me. Any facts published can be verified using information in my possession.

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