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Some Facts About Removal Associations

1. The NGRS was founded in 1991 and is a FOR-profit organisation - This is very rare for trade associations/organisations as the vast majority are run on a NON-profit basis purely for the benefit of those industries and their consumers and members.

2. In 1997, 6 years after co-founding the NGRS, Geoff Salt, was convicted of false accounting.

3. In 2011 the NGRS openly claimed "No other organisation or firm comes close to matching The Guild and its Members when it comes to consumer protection measures". A complaint by the BAR was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority and the NGRS were made to remove the misleading claim and told not to use it again unless they actually had evidence to substantiate it.

4. Although the NGRS only has just over 200 members they have taken (or threatened) legal action against at least 30 of their ex members. Within about 1 month of publication of the article in the Times newspaper they sent at least a further 8 pre-action letters against removers. Jon Martin, Membership Secretary of the NGRS has claimed that they are not a litigious organisation - many may disagree.

5. The prestigious British Association of Removers (BAR) has about 700 members and is a NON-profit organisation.I am not aware of any legal action taken by the BAR against any of its ex-members.

6. The BAR currently holds several industry awards for high standards. The British Association of Removers Code of Practice is the only code in the moving industry that’s approved and monitored by the Trading Standards Institute.

7. Despite many threats of legal action sent to small removal firms in the immediate aftermath of that Times Newspaper article it should be noted that no action appears to have been taken by the NGRS against the actual publishers of that article, (The Times/Newscorp) or Andrew Clark (author of that article).

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