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Open Letter to the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS)

PO Box 690

Dear Sirs,

I have decided as a matter of public interest to publish this open letter on my website as a direct result of your ongoing litigious activities.

It has now been over 3 months since you issued a Pre-action letter for Defamation against me regarding publications on my website. Despite responding to that letter within 14 days rejecting each and every one of your spurious claims and your demand for money I have still not received your reply. It is extremely distressing to me to have such serious threats of legal action hanging over my head with no foreseeable end to this matter. It also makes a mockery of the Pre-action process and in my opinion is an abuse of the legal process.

This current action of yours is yet further evidence (should any be needed) of the highly litigious nature of the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) and its cavalier attitude towards the legal process. Of course, if you feel this statement is untrue and defamatory please feel free to take the appropriate legal action.

It is quite telling that your Pre-action letter was littered with mistakes and appeared to contain many extracts simply cut and pasted from previous Pre-action letters. My initial thoughts upon reading it were that you had mistakenly sent me a first draft. I would remind you that the Defamation Act has recently changed and as a profit making body you are now required to prove serious financial loss. There was no mention of this in your Pre-action letter. I strongly suggest you seek competent legal advice before embarking on any further legal misadventures in the future.

You stated that certain facts on my website were untrue and defamatory. This was a bizarre allegation to make as some of those facts never even appeared on my website - they do however appear on the Mirror Group Newspaper website yet for some reason you have decided not to initiate legal proceedings against them. It is extremely telling that you do not hesitate to commence legal proceedings against those without realistic access to legal advice whereas you appear to skulk away from confronting large organization such as The Mirror who have their own legal departments. The true mark of a bully is one who will only ever pick on someone who is perceived to be weaker than they are.

You go on to accuse me of lying. However, when I pointed out the factually incorrect basis of your sinister and erroneous accusations you then remain predictably silent.

It is also worthy of note that in previously published interviews the NGRS has stated that it does everything in its power to avoid legal action, yet in so many cases the first communication anybody receives is a letter from your solicitors demanding money for your costs.

Should you have any comments about the content of this letter please feel free to reply.

The NGRS have been informed that in the absence of a Particulars of Claim I will now be treating their spurious legal action as little more than new material for my website.

Should the litigious National Guild of Removers and Storers wish to respond to this letter they are more than welcome to do so.

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